It is important to update and manage your website over time. Your website is an important tool to keep you in touch with your clients. Just like a physical shop or storefront can be built and opened, so too can a website be. A website can be launched, functional, and accessible for an indeterminate amount of time. However, much as storefront requires active maintenance to keep inventory updated and the exterior in good condition, so also must a website be updated for performance, style and security.

As California’s leader in website development, K2 Website Design uses the high-functionality Joomla framework for the our websites. We enhance our websites using extensions that increase development efficiency and limit hard-changes to PHP and JS code. These softwares are regularly updated by their developers in response to market pressures from their users. These extensions must be regularly updated on each site in order to improve functionality and optimize security systems . For instance, a shopping cart extension for an e-Commerce website might alter its attributes system to align with the best user experience as determined by new market research. These sorts of updates are important for keeping your site competitive in a rapidly progressing web environment.

The second major reason extension developers update their software is to thwart new security threats. Developers who wish to have reputable products must remain vigilant in the face of ever more sophisticated hacking attempts. Many extension updates are purely security fixes, and out-of-date extensions on your website are exploitable security holes. While a website may stay online for years without management, the risk of breaking of hacking grows constantly . Business owners in California know how important it can be to retro-fit buildings or carry insurance for earthquakes, as was reminded to Napa County just recently. A website owner knows that it is best to maintain a healthy and ongoing business relationship with their knowledgeable web-developer if at all possible. The designer/ developer that built the site is going to be most familiar with the technologies in question and in what way they were implemented, so he/she will be most prepared to maintain the security and functional integrity of the site.

Finally, the most apparent reason that a website owner wants to keep employing their web service after launch – style is key. Here’s where the tangible building analogy falls apart: when you go to your local supermarket, do you think to yourself, “god this place looks fifteen years old”? No, probably not; but when a site was last built on in 1998, the user will be immediately stricken by how archaic it appears (check out this link and tell me I am wrong). California website owners need more than just the updated functionality to stay market-competitive; their site needs to look attractive and inspire users to click through more pages. Your website is more than just a tool for you to convey your purpose/product to the consumer; it is an experience.

Retaining an active business relationship with K2 Website Design ensures that the experience that your clients receive remains modern and compelling. Graphic image updates will keep repeat users interested, even with subtle changes. The functionality updates will maintain the perception of quality improvement among clients, a reflection of the integrity of your business in providing the best possible service. K2 Website Design is a California website design service that promises to provide the best possible service so that you can too.