My team and I have been moaning and groaning about Internet Explorer and its browser compatibility and old version compatibility problems for years.  We are excited to hear more about the Spartan Project coming later this year.  Spartan will be coupled with Windows 10 and, according to a Microsoft employee during a tour last month, will be able to provide high quality browser compatibility and fast load times.  The software may be exclusively available for computers and devices operating on the Microsoft Windows 10 platform.

microsoft spartan

The features include the ability to draw on the screen with different colors, and with multiple fingers.  Another new feature is OneDrive integration into the Spartan platform.  The OneDrive system features a new ability to view who has made recent comments on which documents in your OneDrive folders, as well as who was the most recent to make a change to a document.  With the on-board talking robot Cortana, you will now be able to yell at your computer and tell it what to type in or what to do.  Also included is a feature that allows you to read the page like flipping the pages of a book.  Now the discussion will turn to the browser extensions that we all have installed like Ad Blocker Plus, ChromeCast, Check my links, and everything else people use.  And for all the luddites out there, you will still be able to run IE, so don’t worry about a thing.

microsoft project sparta!

It has been forecasted that the company may choose to include Microsoft in the title of the new browser, but the name Microsoft Spartan doesn’t necessarily make me feel very excited.  Microsoft has said the following about the Spartan project,

“Powered by a new rendering engine, Spartan is designed for interoperability with the modern web. We’ve deliberately moved away from the versioned document modes historically used in Internet Explorer, and now use the same markup as other modern browsers. Spartan’s new rendering engine is designed to work with the way the web is written today.”

The new engine driving the Spartan project is an off-shoot of the Trident system that is more focused on interoperability.


Other new exciting Microsoft technologies on the way is Microsoft HoloLense, 3-D goggles that project a hologram onto your reality and enable you to interact with software in ways you have never imagined.  Check out the video at