The YPD Captains Endowment Association website was recently hacked by an anonymous hacker group.  It has been declared that “no confidential information has been compromised.” Anonymous was accused of the attack, but recently has stated that they did not actually inject malware into the website.  They also jabbed NYPD for targeting and abusing the people it is meant to protect, and that the attack was expected due to their previous actions.

NYPD has been criticized recently for the choking to death of Eric Garner, 43, by Officer Pantaleo on November 21.  Pantaleo was not indicted for the death and protests occurred throughout the United States and on social media as well #ericgarner.  The FBI has also accused a NYPD officer Yehuda Katz of installing a camera inside the NYPD Traffic Safety Office and spying on the people working there.  When nobody was in the office, he hacked into a computer and stole records for vehicle accidents and used this information to scam the people who had been in accidents (March 20, 2015).  Another NYPD cop, Jazmia Inserillo, accused her lieutenant of sexually harassing her and has been provided with $110,000 from the city of New York.  The accused, Lt. Jason Margolis, has been punished by the NYPD, losing 10 vacation days and forced to watch sexual harassment training videos (March 18, 2015).