No matter whether you operate a clothing boutique in Manhattan or a Wisconsin dairy, a factory in Pennsylvania or a Southern California surfshop, the last few decades have borne witness to huge and wide-sweeping changes in the business landscape. Innumerable new technologies have been developed; however, none have been as important as the Internet. With websites serving as hubs for commerce, as well as instant communication with email, the Internet has revolutionized how businesses are run. Nowadays businesses must maintain an internet presence to stay competitive.

As a business owner, there are many examples to look to in developing internet savvy. is the best example of what a business can achieve through e-commerce. Amazon is the industry leader in direct to consumer sales, offering competitive pricing and a streamlined business model. Amazon serves millions of customers all over the globe, selling everything from books, food, software, clothing, hardware, and everything in between. They do this by profiting from other businesses that lack their own direct-to-buyer infrastructure. For your company, consider the benefits of a powerful internet presence and direct sales. By having an accessible web presence potential customers can easily browse your services and communicate with you. Furthermore, by offering direct sales you can cut out the middle man and save both you and your customers money. This allows you to streamline your business model considerably, giving you the edge you need to be competitive in today’s world. It is important to remember, however, that your store must be built well in order to make your products accessible to the end user.

These concerns are only amplified by the recent mobile revolution. Now all the benefits of an internet connection are available to people at all times, allowing communication and commerce to expand even further. The differing format of a mobile device requires a different webcoding than for desktop browsers, making a mobile-friendly internet presence doubly attractive. Mobile is the future, and Google, the premiere search engine is going to revise their search algorithm as of April 21st to favor websites that are mobile-friendly. Websites that are not optimized for mobile devices will be penalized and not be as visible in search results. Businesses are always forced to adapt to stay competitive, and Google’s new search algorithms give a powerful incentive for savvy business owners to maintain a mobile-friendly website. But a smart business owner shouldn’t maintain a mobile friendly site solely to avoid Google’s search-engine penalty, a mobile friendly we presence is a help to both the business and the customer, allowing for smoother transactions, more business, and more satisfied customers.

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