Sonoma County SEO Experts Share The Importance of SEO Strategy

With so many websites cluttering the internet today, it is essential that your website has a purpose. Long gone are the days where your website’s purpose could simply be to “gain customer leads”. While that’s certainly important, it’s not the only goal. According to Google Master’s search quality guidelines, you need to have a clearly defined purpose that ultimately helps your users in a way that makes sense for your business. Once you design your purpose, you have an ethical foundation to start optimizing your site. (By ethical we mean that if you optimize your site for, say, gluten-free cookies when you clearly sell cookies containing gluten, then you’re lying and Google will ding you for that). Even if you are selling what you say you are, Google rates you for how well you convey your purpose. Whether you’re selling gluten-free cookies or running a satirical online media company, Google is less concerned about the factual nature of your content and more concerned with how well you achieve your purpose.

So, how do you “achieve your purpose” online? With your website’s purpose clearly envisioned, you need a custom SEO strategy to target users who are looking for the exact value you are providing.

SEO Helps You Stand Out as Competition Continues to Grow

The internet houses almost 2 billion websites as of today. Depending on your industry, you could be competing directly with thousands if not hundreds of thousands of websites. These numbers are only growing, and in order to cut through the clutter you need to sharpen up that website with a killer SEO strategy. Start by identifying what your customers need (the problem) and what you offer (the solution). Then strategize how to attract users who need your services by researching the way they search for what they need.

SEO Maintenance Keeps Your Site Up-to-date with Algorithms

Search engine algorithms are updating all the time, and you don’t want to cancel out all your hard work because Google updates randomly. Hiring an SEO maintenance team can help you stay on top of any web changes so you don’t fall out of Google’s good graces. Our Sonoma County SEO maintenance team regularly scans client websites and anticipates algorithm updates so you don’t have to lose any sleep over it.

You Can Be More Precise With Your Targeting

A custom SEO strategy is your gateway into the motivations and needs of your potential audience. A professional SEO team will look at user language and locations to target users and attract them to your site. Through competition analysis and market research, you can better understand the pain points that motivate your customers to buy … and the keywords that your competition is using. As you dive into competition analysis, you are sure to refine your competition further. This helps you find a niche, which is the golden corner on the internet. Anyone can be the leader of their niche, you just need an awesome SEO strategy to help you find it and dominate it.

You Can Create Useful, Valuable Content

The more you know about your target audience, the easier it will be to generate valuable, evergreen content. Let’s say you’re selling those gluten-free cookies and you want to write a blog post to amplify your brand voice online. Since it’s safe to say the gluten-free baked good market is fairly saturated, you need to stand out by understanding the specific issues your customers are seeking help with. Maybe it’s December and you write a post about gluten-free baking hacks for holiday cookies. Your SEO strategy will help you convey your expertise in a way that sets you apart from the competition.

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