Searching For Santa Rosa Web Design

Are you struggling to find a web design company here in Santa Rosa? Guess what, you’re far from alone. This is actually becoming a big issue for business owners, specifically those who do not want to hire a full-time web designer to their staff. No matter where you’re located, hiring a great web designer can be a really difficult process. There seems to be thousands of people claiming to be designers or freelancers, and if you’re relying on job recruiter sites, you could be wasting a lot of time sifting through subpar candidates. Whether you’re on the lookout for a web designer to join your team or a freelance Santa Rosa web designer to tackle a few quick projects, use these hacks to find a web designer that can create the design you’re dreaming of … assuming you dream about design like we do.

Searching For Web Designers Online

We’ve all been there: sitting in front of the computer screen, staring back and forth between your looming list of design needs and the blank Google Search page, having no idea what to even search first. If “award-winning affordable web designers”, “web designers who can also do SEO” and “unique web design specialists” are listed in your search history, you might be casting too big of a net. If you want to find quality, dependable and creative designers in your area, first start with your region (i.e. Santa Rosa Web Design, San Francisco Web Design and SEO … you get the idea). It may seem a little heavy handed, but if we’re going to stay with this fishing analogy, you’re way more likely find a fat, friendly creative fish that might even tell a few jokes before you eat him. In other words, if you search location-specific terms you are more likely to find design agencies and freelancers who live in your area and are much easier to communicate with.

Searching For Web Designers By Word Of Mouth

Another tried-and-true way to find Santa Rosa web designers is to ask around. As we’ve mentioned before, everyone and their mother is some form of freelancer now, so we are willing to bet that each one of your friends has a referral for you. If face-to-face meetups are more your style, this will be a much quicker way to find a Santa Rosa web designers that can churn out the work you’re looking for.

Once you find a list of designers in your area, start stalking. There are a few key details you will want to note as you research designers:

  • Check out their portfolios – Do they seem to have a bunch of clients within the same industry? If so, is that industry the same or similar to yours? Checking out their work with past clients will give you an idea of their creative style and see how diverse their designs are.
  • Read their blog – A great web designer will usually have a lot to say about it. While the writing doesn’t have to be spectacular, the enthusiasm should definitely be there. Browse their blog to see what they tend to write about and how they talk about it. This will also give you an insight into their communication style, should you choose to hire them.
  • Reviews and Testimonials – Think of reviews as a pre-interview test. Read through testimonials and reviews and look for patterns and frequent keywords. If several past clients say something about pace, process or time, then make a note to ask about time frames in the interview. If you see past clients talking about how hard the designer is to get a hold of, make a note of that too.
  • Check out their LinkedIn – When looking for Santa Rosa web design, it’s very possible that the web designer shares a few connections with you on LinkedIn. If this is the case ask around to see if the web designer has a good reputation.
  • Don’t forget to read the About – How a web designer talks about herself can tell you a lot about what the person values as well as their background and confidence level in their work. Depending on your budget and web design needs, you might find the web designer is either too experienced or too novice for your needs.

Looks like you found us online, that’s awesome! If you’re in need of some rad, custom web design holler at us through our contact page and we can set up a time to chat!