Conversions are the ultimate win in online marketing, and with all the noise and clutter on the internet, consistently high conversion rates are wildly difficult to achieve without foolproof online marketing strategies.

Whether you’re a brand new business looking to break into your industry or you have big digital marketing plans for 2019, make sure your website is working for you and adopt these 7 no-fail online marketing tips to increase your conversion rate.

  1. Test Like Your Company Depends On It (It Does!)  Your first idea is rarely your best, which is why A/B and A/B/C testing exists. Successful conversion through online marketing depends on tests, tests, and more tests. The more you test, the more data you have to make informed marketing decisions and increase conversions.
  2. Take Advantage of Tracking Technology  Observe your user behavior through tools like heat maps so you can get a better understanding of a user’s motivations on your website. With heat maps, you can see how people scrolled through your pages, where they lingered, what areas of the page are getting the most attention, and whether Calls to Action are working in your favor.
  3. Be Mobile Friendly  People browse the internet on their mobile devices daily, so the odds of a new user discovering your website through their smartphone is high. Make sure your website experience is just as beautiful and user-friendly as your desktop version. You don’t want to scare new users away with pix-elated photos, big blocks of text and a labyrinth to get to the services page.
  4. Create Better Content  Than Your Competitors (And Create A Lot Of It) One of the most important steps of converting website visitors into loyal customers is building their trust. You can build trust much more effectively and see amazing return on investment (ROI) through content marketing. The key to effective content marketing is to create consistent, well-researched and relevant content that aligns with your brand. Make sure your content is optimized with a branded SEO strategy. Without a good SEO strategy, your content will fall on deaf ears.
  5. Invest in Lead Generation  Through Forms A successful conversion strategy requires stellar lead generation tactics. This includes online forms, surveys, and sign-ups. There are a lot of steps required to design and program branded lead generation tools, so if you don’t have experience in web design, this is a worthwhile task to outsource to our Sonoma County Online Marketing and Web Design specialists.
  6. Create Clear, Engaging Calls To Action  Your site can be the most beautiful masterpiece to ever grace the inter-webs, but if your audience doesn’t know what to do once they’ve reached your site, it’s all a lost cause. Make sure your audience knows exactly what you’re asking them to do, whether that’s to download your free course, sign up for a consultation, or enter their email for 20% off their first purchase.
    Your Calls to Action should also have a sense of urgency, otherwise you’re making it way too easy for customers to say, “Maybe another time” … and you know “another time” never comes.
  7. Make It Easy To Contact  You In our world of instant gratification and immediate response, your business better be at the ready for any inquiry your customer base may have. That means having a high response rate on your website, social media, and any other platform your website may be on. Include chat bots, ask your customers if they need help finding something, and always respond to customers ASAP. If customers can trust that you will respond thoughtfully to their inquiries, they are more likely to trust your brand and convert.

Are You Ready To Make Some Noise?

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