Building and designing your business website is a thrilling yet tiresome process. As an entrepreneur, you must select the company logo, pictures, font, and color schemes. A functional website is a primary interactive arena for you and your clients. However, an outdated website means that you could be losing out on potential clients. Here are signs that it is time to re-brand and redesign your website.

An Unresponsive Website

According to Santa Rosa Website design, a website that is not responsive to mobile devices means that your site will look unprofessional and take longer to load. A potential customer will most likely leave your site and find another company that has a user-friendly site. With a responsive site, you can be assured that clients can view your products and services on their phones or tablets whenever they please.

Old Content

If you have not updated the content on your website within the past year, it is time to rebrand and redesign your website. An outdated website with old information makes it appear as if you are behind in keeping up with current technology. Santa Rosa website designer recommends that your new website include information about new products, testimonials from past clients, and media coverage about your company.

A High Bounce Rate

According to the Santa Rosa company, visitors have spent a short amount of time on the site and left if your website has a high bounce rate. A high bounce rate is a good indicator that your website needs to be redesigned. A high bounce rate can make your site seem amateur, especially if you have not updated the content for some time. A website with a low bounce rate will allow visitors to stay on the site longer and learn more about your company.

Websites That Are Older Than Five Years

A lot can change within five years. If you have not updated your website for five years or more, it is time to redesign your site. Sonoma county website designer advises that you use the new site to show your latest products and services.

A new website can bring in potential clients, but it will become outdated quickly if it is not updated regularly. If you do not have time to update the content yourself, consider hiring a professional writer or company like the Sonoma County website company. If you need a new website design, contact Sonoma County website design. Our team of experts will work with you to redesign your current website or create a brand new one that will help grow your business.The same niche.