Every internet business is built on generating a steady flow of website traffic. It is impossible to turn website visits into leads and devoted, long-term customers if no one is visiting your site. Your visibility in search engine inquiries will rise after you establish yourself as an authority in Google’s eyes.

But what happens after you’ve attained the top of Google’s search results? How can you sustain the rankings you’ve worked so hard to achieve?

Here are three things that will help you maintain your rankings.

Keep Your Site Updated

Although it seems obvious, this is one of the most frequent errors in the internet marketing sector. Keeping your site fresh is an excellent strategy to hold onto your place because Google considers both the quality and the freshness of your material when determining your ranking.

Old-fashioned tactics like text-only-articles may hurt your search engine rankings. You should update your material by including various videos and photos in your posts if you want to keep your keyword rankings. This will also improve visitors’ reading experience and encourage others to link to your website.

Obtain More Backlinks

Backlinks are links that send people to your website from another external website. These links are essential since they convey to search engines the importance of your website. Obtaining new links is like casting votes in an online popularity contest that never ends because Google counts links as votes.

However, keep in mind that those links need to come from websites that are relevant to what you do if you want them to improve your SEO and not hurt it! More votes for your website translates into greater authority, maintaining your placement in pertinent searches.

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Pay Attention To User Experience

When it comes to keeping your website visible in organic search results, user experience is crucial. User experience and SEO operate together, even though user experience may not directly fall under the purview of a search engine marketer. Your ranking will dip if your website is not responsive because it will have a greater bounce rate.

Give users the content they want across devices fast and seamlessly. Image compression, mobile friendliness, code cleanup, and server speedup are all recommended. Keep your visitors happy and on the page, and Google will continue recommending your site as an authority.

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