When a website needs to be accessible, it is referring to the way anyone can access it, especially for individuals with a disability. In order to achieve accessibility, it is important to have the website contain software that allows for technology to be used inclusively.

The Importance of Web Design within Website Accessibility

When website accessibility is created, individuals who have disabilities are able to access online information equally. Plus, this accessibility provides a unique experience for all users while allowing your website to enjoy enhanced optimization.When optimized, the website is able to achieve a higher ranking among search engines and thus a wider audience.

Ultimately, being fully accessible allows a business to further their reach within their market and keep all customers happy, which is one point of having great web design.

Prior to making a website that is accessible, it is important to have an idea about the different disabilities there are that may have an effect on a website and how a solution can be made.

Visual Impairments

These impairments involve any level of blindness or a decreased level of vision. A website can help their visitors by offering a screen reader to help read a webpage.

Hearing Loss

When an individual has hearing loss, it will be either mild or severe. By having subtitles available, the content on the page can be easily understood and allows them to interact appropriately with the content.

Limited Motor Movement

When an individual has limited motor movement they are unable to take full control of a mouse or trackpad. This may require them to utilize more of their keyboard by way of a mouth stick, head pointer, or voice recognition.

Learning Disabilities

When a learning disability is noted, it will involve cognition. These individuals will need help with the navigation and layout being simple and include plenty of content involving video.

It is important to understand that accessibility is not only centered towards those with a disability, but with those who are experiencing problems that are situational or temporary. A good example would be where a person cannot hear if they are in a loud area.

Legalities Surrounding Accessibility

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, it includes the requirement that all content be accessible both online and offline. Because of this, all websites are legally required to be accessible by everyone.

When a website is not fully accessible, the risk of legal trouble may be high and could lead to a fine. To avoid the legal repercussions, it is good to have a website design that is accessible right from the start.