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Should You Hire A Web Designer? Santa Rosa Web Designers

When businesses start looking for a website developer, it’s usually for two reasons: the website looks outdated, or the website isn’t generating leads. To compete in the modern market, businesses need modern, attractive, user-friendly websites that inform potential customers, solve their problems, and persuade them to buy.

What Is A Website Designer?

A web developer is like a contractor or construction company for the online world. They use their knowledge in coding, web design and SEO to construct a website that suits your specific needs as a business. Some web developers--like our Santa Rosa web developers--have experience with design as well, which influences the look and feel of your website.

Why Choose a Website Designer?

If you’re a new business, you might be wondering whether hiring a website development company makes sense for you. It is true that for some small businesses you could be jumping the gun. But If you have a budget for a professional website, then you will enjoy more benefit than if you did it yourself. Here are just a few of ways hiring a professional web developer can improve your web presence and take some weight off your shoulders.

  1. Custom Web Design - When you hire a professional web developer, you know you will be getting a website with custom design and functionality that suits your business. When you talk with our Santa Rosa web designers here at K2, we will go through your specific needs for the website, and we will use our knowledge of best design practices to produce the result you are looking for.
  2. Code and Web Compliance - Code and web compliance rules are always changing, and our Santa Rosa web designers anticipate these changes to maintain the health of your site so you don’t have to. As more people browse the web and make purchases on their phones, mobile web design and functionality becomes just as important as desktop design. Hiring a professional web developer can save you a lot of time and headaches that you would have to deal with if you were to maintain your website on your own.
  3. SEO Compliance - Web developers optimize your site so it can easily be picked up search engines. This will help you rank for certain keywords that apply to your business. The higher your rank for certain keywords, the easier it will be to stand ahead of your competition and generate leads through your website.
  4. General Web Maintenance - Even the most pristine websites can experience glitches from time to time. Maintaining a website is a full time job, especially if it is considered the “storefront” of your business. If your site suddenly goes down or your customers aren’t receiving confirmation emails, our Santa Rosa web developers can troubleshoot issues and take care of bugs quickly, so you don’t have to worry about losing customers.

Looking for a web designer for your next website? Call K2 today for your free quote.

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How To Search For A Great Web Designer - Santa Rosa Web Design

Searching For Santa Rosa Web Design

Are you struggling to find a web design company here in Santa Rosa? Guess what, you’re far from alone. This is actually becoming a big issue for business owners, specifically those who do not want to hire a full-time web designer to their staff. No matter where you’re located, hiring a great web designer can be a really difficult process. There seems to be thousands of people claiming to be designers or freelancers, and if you’re relying on job recruiter sites, you could be wasting a lot of time sifting through subpar candidates. Whether you’re on the lookout for a web designer to join your team or a freelance Santa Rosa web designer to tackle a few quick projects, use these hacks to find a web designer that can create the design you’re dreaming of … assuming you dream about design like we do.

Searching For Web Designers Online

We’ve all been there: sitting in front of the computer screen, staring back and forth between your looming list of design needs and the blank Google Search page, having no idea what to even search first. If “award-winning affordable web designers”, “web designers who can also do SEO” and “unique web design specialists” are listed in your search history, you might be casting too big of a net. If you want to find quality, dependable and creative designers in your area, first start with your region (i.e. Santa Rosa Web Design, San Francisco Web Design and SEO … you get the idea). It may seem a little heavy handed, but if we’re going to stay with this fishing analogy, you’re way more likely find a fat, friendly creative fish that might even tell a few jokes before you eat him. In other words, if you search location-specific terms you are more likely to find design agencies and freelancers who live in your area and are much easier to communicate with.

Searching For Web Designers By Word Of Mouth

Another tried-and-true way to find Santa Rosa web designers is to ask around. As we’ve mentioned before, everyone and their mother is some form of freelancer now, so we are willing to bet that each one of your friends has a referral for you. If face-to-face meetups are more your style, this will be a much quicker way to find a Santa Rosa web designers that can churn out the work you’re looking for.

Once you find a list of designers in your area, start stalking. There are a few key details you will want to note as you research designers:

  • Check out their portfolios - Do they seem to have a bunch of clients within the same industry? If so, is that industry the same or similar to yours? Checking out their work with past clients will give you an idea of their creative style and see how diverse their designs are.
  • Read their blog - A great web designer will usually have a lot to say about it. While the writing doesn’t have to be spectacular, the enthusiasm should definitely be there. Browse their blog to see what they tend to write about and how they talk about it. This will also give you an insight into their communication style, should you choose to hire them.
  • Reviews and Testimonials - Think of reviews as a pre-interview test. Read through testimonials and reviews and look for patterns and frequent keywords. If several past clients say something about pace, process or time, then make a note to ask about time frames in the interview. If you see past clients talking about how hard the designer is to get a hold of, make a note of that too.
  • Check out their LinkedIn - When looking for Santa Rosa web design, it’s very possible that the web designer shares a few connections with you on LinkedIn. If this is the case ask around to see if the web designer has a good reputation.
  • Don’t forget to read the About - How a web designer talks about herself can tell you a lot about what the person values as well as their background and confidence level in their work. Depending on your budget and web design needs, you might find the web designer is either too experienced or too novice for your needs.

Looks like you found us online, that’s awesome! If you’re in need of some rad, custom web design holler at us through our contact page and we can set up a time to chat!

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The Greatest Benefits from Choosing WordPress

There are several different web design and platform options to choose from, as well as software which leaves many people wondering, which is the best, which will be the most efficient, which is the easiest to use and what is going to help me get to where I am trying to go? These are all valid questions and if you are not familiar with all of the different platforms and web design options, it can be quite overwhelming.

Are you considering the use of WordPress? WordPress is amazing in the fact that it is very user friendly. Very cut and dry, black and white to the point where anyone with limited computer skills and knowledge could still figure their way around WordPress. You can easily adjust how you want your posts to look and put them live on your website. Additionally, utilizing a company that offers maintenance services such as our Southern California web development team, this is a very simple way for them to do so and you have no additional worries.

Functionality and Add-Ons

By utilizing our Southern California web development team, again, you have the ability to add on features that you would like to see accessed on your web page and create innovative solutions to several different problems. It’s as simple as giving potential clients and customers that ability to contact you/or your company directly through email, from the site. This eliminates extra steps and makes your site very convenient for other to enjoy.


Search engine optimization will essentially make or break your site, and in a situation such as your business and livelihood – you need to exude top notch SEO skills. This is where our services can greatly benefit the progression of your site, visibility of your brand, and increase in revenue. In combination with WordPress, you can rest assured that your content will be SEO saturated so you can gain the boost in rankings that you are looking for.

Amongst these great benefits from considering WordPress, you have to consider its flexibility, the automatic built-in features that it offers, e-commerce is an option, and the incredible support that you receive from their end as well as from our Southern California web development team. Those initial worries that you may have had about create an innovative and impactful site that is going to reach your targeted audience, can now be pushed to the side as we join forces to create a very dynamic platform for you and your company to benefit from.

The Main Differences Between Weebly and WordPress There may come a time when you are faced with the decision on whether or not you would like to go with Weebly or WordPress, and guess what? You are in good company. Being a web development company in California, there are many different scenarios that we are faced with daily and what it all comes down to, is your personal preference and what you are looking to gain from your site. Weebly is coined as one of the easiest website builders that is available on the market to date. As a web development company in California, we can agree with the fact that being able to drag and drop content that you would like does make your life a whole lot easier! This allows for creative minds to flow but in an efficient manner to where you can be up and going in no time. Utilizing their maps, buttons, guides and so forth will assist anyone in creating a site. WordPress is widely known for its blogging tools, being very easy to update post and remove information from your site is a must, especially when you are working on a budget. As a web development company in California, we see all too often people get ahead of themselves or not be able to properly maintain their websites; this is detrimental to your overall success. Give us a call to discuss how we can help your company have the strong presence on the web that you are looking for.

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Why Magento Website Design is Preferred

Magento website design has become one of the go to platforms for e-Commerce web development for several reasons. The ease of use and its ability to accommodate several different extensions helps tremendously in the fact that this can improve your site tremendously. The largest consideration when thinking about integrating Magento website design, is where to start and what is the most efficient way to create an e- Commerce site?

User Friendly Site

These types of websites are not just a couple of clicks away. There are many considerations such how user friendly the site is, if everything is transferrable between devices, payment options, how many products, etc. This list can keep going on and on and that is why it is great to hire a professional who knows the intricacies of Magento website design. Rather than sitting around stressing about how to grow your business, gain noticeability and increase revenues with this website – you can put your trust in a professional who does it for a living. Never mind the fact that you are going to always want to put your best foot forward when presenting information to the masses, you can place your focus on the business that you know.

The Flexibility of Magento

Due to the flexibility of Magento website design, it is actually quite complicated. It’s like a double-edge sword, but a great one at that! Offering capabilities and support that you cannot find with other platforms, it leaves people wondering if they should invest their money in fee-based hosted carts. Utilizing PHP and Apache, you will have to think about scalability concerns which if you are not proficient in web design, you can bump into a lot of unnecessary roadblocks before launching your site.

SEO Compliant

The SEO compliance of Magento website design is magnificent and SEO saturation is one of the best ways to gain the noticeability and attract the audience that you are trying to attract. It will drive sales like no other force to be reckoned with and you can’t really beat auto generation of search friendly structures. URLs that are search friendly equals gaining ranks on the large search platforms. Additionally, if you have more than one e- Commerce store, with Magento website design, you can control everything from one spot. The convenience for you, the business owner is made possible with an administration panel that can handle and accommodate your specific needs. With additional add-ons such as ‘recently viewed products’ and ‘compared items’ wish lists and sharing options – what consumer wouldn’t be in heaven having the opportunity to access your user friendly e-Commerce store?

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Why Should I Choose One Company for Design, Development and SEO?

Business owners try to accomplish two things when they are embarking on a website project: create a functional and attractive website that reflects the mission and objectives of their company, and to maximize traffic to their site. The question that will likely arise is, essentially:

“There are many services available on the web that specialize in website creation or in website traffic generation, while also many services exist that provide both. Should I, the consumer, choose to have different specialists handle these two aspects of my website's success, or should I choose one service that can provide all-around service.”

The answer is that the most cost effective and reliable services will come from designers who are experts in both traffic generation and website development.

One of the most important things that determines a website’s success is effective communication between the website designer and the client. Time spent coordinating between parties involved on a project will significantly drive up overhead. This is unavoidable for the largest businesses that will need different teams to handle different areas, but for websites it is possible to reduce the amount of inter-departmental communication to a simple relationship between site owner and webmaster. You don’t need multiple administrators getting in each others’ way. A website designer who already knows the site content will be able to make edits to increase the number of site visitors.

It is crucial that the two parties are able to trust in relying on each other. Creating a good business relationship between the website designer and the client is the most important criteria for a website's success. That is why the most effective way of ensuring website success is choosing a professional all-around service from a single website service provider, such as K2 Website Design, that strives to build long-lasting business relationships.

Still some people might be thinking that website owners would be losing the benefit of expertise by not choosing a service that specializes in traffic generation. While this may be true in some cases, web services like K2 Website Design are capable of offering competitive services that bring visitors to your site. With the added benefit of already knowing the website inside and out, it is not possible for a specialized service to offer anything so effective.

The largest part involved in bringing traffic to your site is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When looking into SEO, website owners are looking to ensure that their website appears first when a potential client is looking for their services. Primarily, you want your web designer to handle your SEO because they will already be thoroughly familiar with the website and so be most able to synchronize the search tags of your site with the content of your site with the purpose of your site. Furthermore, your professional website design service, one such as K2 Website Design, will be well-versed in open-source online technologies such as Google Analytics, SEOcentro and SEMrush. These tools significantly reduce time (and thus overhead) involved in the diagnostics part of improving a website’s search rank. The designer is able to make all of the website edits needed to improve ranking; a specialized SEO service would likely have to submit a task list to a designer. The savings here are then passed on to the consumer, lowering the cost of professional, effective SEO.

Lastly, one should consider this: while a traffic generation service does SEO to make money on SEO, a website designer is an artist whose main business is producing websites. At K2 Website Design, we want our business partner's sites to improve in the rankings just as they do. The sites that we build that are bringing business to their owners also bring business to us. In a word, your exposure is our exposure; if we make a website, retain a positive business relationship with the owner, keep our logo featured at the bottom of the site and people see that, that is the best advertising we can have. We have a motivation to provide cost-effective website traffic augmentation services that work because we work with you.

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A One-Stop California Web Design Shop

You want to bring in business – or visitors – on your company’s website, and K2 is here to help. At K2 Website Design, we know how to manage a variety of software programs that will empower your website. Regardless if you need help building a site, or updating your current site, K2 is the California web design company for you. We can also handle your California Joomla website hosting needs.

K2 Website Design understands that the market changes all-of-the-time; therefore, your website will need to change as well. We are up-to-date on the latest website designs and software, so we can ensure your company is current with the latest trends. When you hire K2 California web design, we will help you identify the potential markets for your business or personal website, which allows us to update your website to suit the needs of your customers or site visitors. Our California website design company will work with you to maintain your website, even after we have finished with your design.

Many businesses have gone mobile to accommodate their users who access company sites through their cell phones, tablets, or other types of mobile devices; you should too! A majority of customers will leave a site if it does not cater to their needs; therefore, you should contact K2 to help with your California web design development. We will make sure you have a website that represents your company, and its products or services. We also assure that your site is user-friendly. Our professional staff is available to help with various tools, including Joomla website Design for California business, or personal sites.

If you need in-office or in-house assistance, our Northern California website design company can provide you with those services for graphic design, website development, training services, California website hosting services, and much more. K2 is your one-stop-development-shop!

To learn more about our California web design services – in addition to our California Joomla website hosting – give K2 a call today. We can help you update your site to suit the needs of your clients. When it pertains to California web design, K2 is your one-stop-shop!

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Be Responsive: Make Your Website Mobile

Building a website can be challenging, especially when you need a website built for mobile devices and other platforms, including the iPad, tablets, and other web-enabled devices. Understanding the size of screens - and the range of browsers - can prove to be difficult for the untrained website developer, but when you hire K2 Website Design Services, this process becomes easier. Our trained developers are here to help make your website responsive, accessible on mobile devices, and user-friendly.

A responsive website designer at K2 can help you choose from a variety of features, including text size, layout mode, and the types of images you want displayed on your website. We also provide assistance with grids and tabs. Our expertise does not stop with helping you design a mobile ready website; we also help you with coding.

There are various templates and themes that you can use for your mobile website. Some of the templates include praxis. This theme will allow you to maximize your site’s versatility, which ultimately allows users to fully engage while on your website. The plug-in that accompanies praxis supports swipe and other mobile touch events, due to the responsive website development. Regardless of which mode a visitor uses to access your website, each will be compatible with the praxis theme.

With a great deal of customers and clients using their iPhones, iPads, Kindles, and other web-enabled devices to purchase products and services, you want to make sure your website is responsive and able to accommodate these formats. K2 Website Design Services is here to help you do just that. We have a team of responsive website developers who can help you get the job done, and done right!

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Joomla Website Design

If you want a flexible platform that allows you to connect and network with other businesses for digital publishing or collaboration, Joomla is the open-source system for you. Using Joomla is an option that is available to all businesses and web developers, regardless of the skill levels you might have. We realize that creating a Joomla website design may not be easy for you, which is why K2 is here to help you design your site, and join an interactive community that could be great for your business. 

K2 Website Design is experienced using the Joomla Content Management System (CMS) and has extensive knowledge of Joomla extensions, templates, component configurations, social networking systems, databasing and directory setup, login systems, and more.  

You have a variety of options with Joomla, such as building personal homepages, external websites, and intranets. You can list polls and RSS feeds on your website; you can also add music, videos, and images to your website design. The features available with Joomla are designed to let you track clicks – you also have the option to monitor search patterns. K2 Website Design has the skills to help you use the more advanced features of Joomla, such as news tickers, maps, and calendars, in addition to a variety of other plug-ins. 

K2 Website Design will make sure you have a Joomla website that you love, and we will help you get the most out of Joomla that you possibly can. 

Contact us to get started on your Joomla website design!

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Why In-Office Web Design Increases Efficiency

Being in person with the website client during the design and development stages makes web construction efficient and more cost-effective for the client.  Face to face relationships help build confidence and trust between the website designer and the client and help make working together enjoyable and efficient.  

Graphic design ideas for the logo, header, slideshow, footer, or content pages can be hand drawn and discussed in detail by the website designer and the client to get a clear understanding of what should be done the first time.  This helps to decrease miscommunication and maximize productivity.  When designs are completed, quick review of the work can be completed by the client immediately and new changes can be created.  Between review sessions the client can continue with their work in their normal work environment.  In person client review also eliminates the time required to write new emails and upload large graphic design files.  For large scale graphic design projects some files are too large to be uploaded into an email and uploading these files to a server or DropBox can take a significant amount of time and decrease internet productivity for other tasks.  

K2 Website Design is willing to travel to our clients businesses or homes with our computer equipment to set up their new website.  All we need is an internet connection and an electrical plug.  We have experience providing in-office website design in Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Petaluma, Arcata, and Eureka and are looking forward to traveling to other locations in the future.

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Infinity Car Audio - Reno

Needed to get a new stereo in the new Toyota Tacoma and drove to Infinity Car Audio in Reno to get it installed.  I got in the shop at 11:00 am and was able to convince Edgar to do a trade for a $500 website design and threw in a logo redesign and business card design as well.  I worked there until 8:30 pm that night and was able to finish everything that I said I would be able to do.  Check out the website design at infinitycaraudioreno.com.  He put in all new speakers, a new deck, and a 1100 watt amplifier to go with my new 10" Renegade subwoofer.  

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