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Questions to ask website design companies

Businesses in need of a website do well to hire a website design firm to assist in the creation of the company site. Website design firms have the knowledge and experience to come up with a solid plan to create the website, providing search engine optimization, web hosting and more. Everything the business needs will be in one place to see traffic numbers soar and the business succeed. When choosing a web design firm to work with, there are a few things to consider. Knowing what questions to ask and services to expect will help you find the right company for your website needs. Below are a few questions to get you started.

What Services Do You Provide?

When choosing a web design firm, you want to work with a company that has a plethora of services. Top companies will offer website design, management and hosting plus search engine optimization, among other services. With combined services, a website will be well-rounded, able to be adjusted or changed when needed to benefit the company.

Does the Company Specialize in all Platforms?

Magento website design and WordPress web design are just two platforms that exist in the designing aspects of websites. You want to work with a design firm that has experience in all platforms including WordPress, Magento, Weebly, Wix and more. When a developer is well-rounded in their capabilities, they can determine the best platform for your website needs. A designer needs to be able to understand the aspects of the platform that you would like your website to be created from.

Can I View Your Portfolio?

All design firms should be able to provide you with a portfolio that includes examples of completed websites. By viewing the portfolio, you will be able to get a visual idea of what the company can provide for you. Look at various WordPress web design, Las Vegas website design and websites created around the world to see just what variations exist and how the company put together the pages. If you like what you see, then the web designer is the right option for you and your company.

Never be afraid to ask questions and learn more about a website developer. You want to feel comfortable working with the company as well as have a sense of what they can provide you. A reputable designer of websites will answer your questions honestly and provide you with the essential information needed to make the right decision for your website design.

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The Business Value of Professional E-Commerce : Get Your Own Webstore


No matter whether you operate a clothing boutique in Manhattan or a Wisconsin dairy, a factory in Pennsylvania or a Southern California surfshop, the last few decades have borne witness to huge and wide-sweeping changes in the business landscape. Innumerable new technologies have been developed; however, none have been as important as the Internet. With websites serving as hubs for commerce, as well as instant communication with email, the Internet has revolutionized how businesses are run. Nowadays businesses must maintain an internet presence to stay competitive.

As a business owner, there are many examples to look to in developing internet savvy. Amazon.com is the best example of what a business can achieve through e-commerce. Amazon is the industry leader in direct to consumer sales, offering competitive pricing and a streamlined business model. Amazon serves millions of customers all over the globe, selling everything from books, food, software, clothing, hardware, and everything in between. They do this by profiting from other businesses that lack their own direct-to-buyer infrastructure. For your company, consider the benefits of a powerful internet presence and direct sales. By having an accessible web presence potential customers can easily browse your services and communicate with you. Furthermore, by offering direct sales you can cut out the middle man and save both you and your customers money. This allows you to streamline your business model considerably, giving you the edge you need to be competitive in today’s world. It is important to remember, however, that your store must be built well in order to make your products accessible to the end user.

These concerns are only amplified by the recent mobile revolution. Now all the benefits of an internet connection are available to people at all times, allowing communication and commerce to expand even further. The differing format of a mobile device requires a different webcoding than for desktop browsers, making a mobile-friendly internet presence doubly attractive. Mobile is the future, and Google, the premiere search engine is going to revise their search algorithm as of April 21st to favor websites that are mobile-friendly. Websites that are not optimized for mobile devices will be penalized and not be as visible in search results. Businesses are always forced to adapt to stay competitive, and Google’s new search algorithms give a powerful incentive for savvy business owners to maintain a mobile-friendly website. But a smart business owner shouldn’t maintain a mobile friendly site solely to avoid Google’s search-engine penalty, a mobile friendly we presence is a help to both the business and the customer, allowing for smoother transactions, more business, and more satisfied customers. 

When it comes to designing and maintaining a webpage it is a wise and cost-effective decision to seek professional assistance. For this, look no further than K2 Website Design.  Run by an excellent team of website designers, K2 Website Design has an extensive resume of websites designed for businesses and brings years of professionalism and experience to the table. Furthermore, their own webpage has a clean, functional, and attractive design, uniquely showcasing their own services. Consider the advantages of a professional designed webpage for your own business. Offering a helpful, professional, and classy face for your company will give the best possible impression to potential customers, and will give you the edge you need to compete in today’s rapidly changing business landscape.

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My team and I have been moaning and groaning about Internet Explorer and its browser compatability and old version compatability problems for years.  We are excited to hear more about the Spartan Project coming later this year.  Spartan will be coupled with Windows 10 and, according to a Microsoft employee during a tour last month, will be able to provide high quality browser comptability and fast load times.  The software may be exclusively available for computers and devices operating on the Microsoft Windows 10 platform.

microsoft spartan

The features include the ability to draw on the screen with different colors, and with multiple fingers.  Another new feature is OneDrive integration into the Spartan platform.  The OneDrive system features a new ability to view who has made recent comments on which documents in your OneDrive folders, as well as who was the most recent to make a change to a document.  With the on-board talking robot Cortana, you will now be able to yell at your computer and tell it what to type in or what to do.  Also included is a feature that allows you to read the page like flipping the pages of a book.  Now the discussion will turn to the browser extensions that we all have installed like Ad Blocker Plus, ChromeCast, Check my links, and everything else people use.  And for all the luddites out there, you will still be able to run IE, so don't worry about a thing.

microsoft project sparta!

It has been forecasted that the company may choose to include Microsoft in the title of the new browser, but the name Microsoft Spartan doesn't necessarily make me feel very excited.  Microsoft has said the following about the Spartan project,

"Powered by a new rendering engine, Spartan is designed for interoperability with the modern web. We've deliberately moved away from the versioned document modes historically used in Internet Explorer, and now use the same markup as other modern browsers. Spartan's new rendering engine is designed to work with the way the web is written today."

The new engine driving the Spartan project is an off-shoot of the Trident system that is more focused on interoperability.  

Other new exciting Microsoft technologies on the way is Microsoft HoloLense, 3-D goggles that project a hologram onto your reality and enable you to interact with software in ways you have never imagined.  Check out the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aThCr0PsyuA

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Why Using a Template Makes Sense

Using a website template is a great way to increase efficiency and time of delivery for website projects.  A common phrase associated with using a template instead of a 100% custom website design is "don't reinvent the wheel".  Templates come with advanced extensions ready to go and quality design and typography already set up.  Adjustments of the typography and styles on the website can be facilitated in template manager tools for quick and easy customization. 

Template or theme clubs and providers usually build their templates on framework that is well described and easy to utilize.  Documentation for the module variations and layouts are presented and website framework adjustments can be made using user friendly template development tools.  A custom website layout can be easily adjusted and iterated. 

Save your website designer a lot of hassle and time by choosing a website template before getting started with development.  Template designs can be adjusted and customized as necessary. 

Some great template clubs include:


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