Why In-Office Web Design Increases Efficiency

Being in person with the website client during the design and development stages makes web construction efficient and more cost-effective for the client.  Face to face relationships help build confidence and trust between the website designer and the client and help make working together enjoyable and efficient.  

Graphic design ideas for the logo, header, slideshow, footer, or content pages can be hand drawn and discussed in detail by the website designer and the client to get a clear understanding of what should be done the first time.  This helps to decrease miscommunication and maximize productivity.  When designs are completed, quick review of the work can be completed by the client immediately and new changes can be created.  Between review sessions the client can continue with their work in their normal work environment.  In person client review also eliminates the time required to write new emails and upload large graphic design files.  For large scale graphic design projects some files are too large to be uploaded into an email and uploading these files to a server or DropBox can take a significant amount of time and decrease internet productivity for other tasks.  

K2 Website Design is willing to travel to our clients businesses or homes with our computer equipment to set up their new website.  All we need is an internet connection and an electrical plug.  We have experience providing in-office website design in Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Petaluma, Arcata, and Eureka and are looking forward to traveling to other locations in the future.

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