Why Using a Template Makes Sense

Using a website template is a great way to increase efficiency and time of delivery for website projects.  A common phrase associated with using a template instead of a 100% custom website design is "don't reinvent the wheel".  Templates come with advanced extensions ready to go and quality design and typography already set up.  Adjustments of the typography and styles on the website can be facilitated in template manager tools for quick and easy customization. 

Template or theme clubs and providers usually build their templates on framework that is well described and easy to utilize.  Documentation for the module variations and layouts are presented and website framework adjustments can be made using user friendly template development tools.  A custom website layout can be easily adjusted and iterated. 

Save your website designer a lot of hassle and time by choosing a website template before getting started with development.  Template designs can be adjusted and customized as necessary. 

Some great template clubs include:


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