Should You Hire A Web Designer? Santa Rosa Web Designers

When businesses start looking for a website developer, it’s usually for two reasons: the website looks outdated, or the website isn’t generating leads. To compete in the modern market, businesses need modern, attractive, user-friendly websites that inform potential customers, solve their problems, and persuade them to buy. What Is A Website Designer? A web developer

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The Greatest Benefits from Choosing WordPress

There are several different web design and platform options to choose from, as well as software which leaves many people wondering, which is the best, which will be the most efficient, which is the easiest to use and what is going to help me get to where I am trying to go? These are all

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Why Magento Website Design is Preferred

Magento website design has become one of the go to platforms for e-Commerce web development for several reasons. The ease of use and its ability to accommodate several different extensions helps tremendously in the fact that this can improve your site tremendously. The largest consideration when thinking about integrating Magento website design, is where to

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Why Should I Choose One Company for Design, Development and SEO?

Business owners try to accomplish two things when they are embarking on a website project: create a functional and attractive website that reflects the mission and objectives of their company, and to maximize traffic to their site. The question that will likely arise is, essentially:“There are many services available on the web that specialize in

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A One-Stop California Web Design Shop

You want to bring in business – or visitors – on your company’s website, and K2 is here to help. At K2 Website Design, we know how to manage a variety of software programs that will empower your website. Regardless if you need help building a site, or updating your current site, K2 is the

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Be Responsive: Make Your Website Mobile

Building a website can be challenging, especially when you need a website built for mobile devices and other platforms, including the iPad, tablets, and other web-enabled devices. Understanding the size of screens - and the range of browsers - can prove to be difficult for the untrained website developer, but when you hire K2 Website

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Joomla Website Design

If you want a flexible platform that allows you to connect and network with other businesses for digital publishing or collaboration, Joomla is the open-source system for you. Using Joomla is an option that is available to all businesses and web developers, regardless of the skill levels you might have. We realize that creating a

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Why In-Office Web Design Increases Efficiency

Being in person with the website client during the design and development stages makes web construction efficient and more cost-effective for the client.  Face to face relationships help build confidence and trust between the website designer and the client and help make working together enjoyable and efficient. Graphic design ideas for the logo, header, slideshow,

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Infinity Car Audio – Reno

Needed to get a new stereo in the new Toyota Tacoma and drove to Infinity Car Audio in Reno to get it installed.  I got in the shop at 11:00 am and was able to convince Edgar to do a trade for a $500 website design and threw in a logo redesign and business

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