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What is an accessible website

When a website needs to be accessible, it is referring to the way anyone can access it, especially for individuals with a disability. In order to achieve accessibility, it is important to have the website contain software that allows for technology to be used inclusively. The Importance of Web Design within Website Accessibility When website

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Characteristics of a good website company

No matter what your business is, it is important to have a website that works great. This means the website company that makes your website also needs to be great. Knowing this, you also need to realize that not all website companies are equally good. In order for your experience to be a positive one,

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Choosing your Website Color Palette

Whether you're designing a brand-new website or changing the color scheme of an existing one, the palette you pick is super important. After all, Sonoma County online marketing and branding relies heavily on color. Have you ever noticed that the logos of nearly all fast food restaurants feature the colors red and yellow? This is

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What to Ask During a Web Design Consultation

When doing a consult with your Santa Rosa website designer, it's critical to ask the right questions. The company you choose to create your new site will directly impact the creative process, the final product, and ultimately your business. These 7 questions are good to ask before pulling the trigger on your web design for

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Should You Hire A Web Designer? Santa Rosa Web Designers

When businesses start looking for a website developer, it’s usually for two reasons: the website looks outdated, or the website isn’t generating leads. To compete in the modern market, businesses need modern, attractive, user-friendly websites that inform potential customers, solve their problems, and persuade them to buy. What Is A Website Designer? A web developer

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