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Fun Truckee Fact from Wikipedia: Did you know that Truckee was named after a Paiute chief named Tru-ki-zo? The chief rode up to the first white people who ever came to the Sierra Nevada yelling “Tro-kay!" which meant “Everything is all right". Anyway, are you looking for a high quality website designer for your Truckee business? Well – you’ve come to the right place! We don’t currently hold a location in Truckee, but we have spent a lot of time in Truckee over the years going camping and fishing for trout.

Our favorite website clients are people with businesses that involve fun outdoors activities, so if you are thinking about a cool website for mountain biking, snowboarding, fishing, or drinking beer – we would love to get to know you and work out a deal for a website that fits your needs. We can also help promote your website on Google, maintain your website for you over time, and provide you with graphic designs and new business cards. We always focus on customer service and are dedicated to our return and referral clients. We have been in business since 2009 and are still cranking out websites for people all over California. Give K2 Website Design a call now at (888) 292-6018.

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